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Kirkpinar Wrestling
Every year since 1346 Turkish wrestlers have gathered at the Kirkpinar tournament to fight and find the superior wrestler. They fight under the burning sun in leather pants and covered in olive oil, which makes every move an exceptional challenge
More than 1500 wrestlers compete in the Kirkpinar tournament, the most prestigious competition of all since its beginning in 1346.
Every fight is overlooked by an umpire and the chief referees, who follow the fighting from the tribunes.
Young wrestlers waiting for the next fight.
One right grip and the fight is over. The challenge is to find the opening and get the grip.
A young wrestlers waiting for his next fight. Necless contains quotes from the Koran. It is supposed to bring luck.
A wrestler is injured on the field.
Preparation for the fight.
A welcomed after fight massage.
On the day of the finals the stadium is completely packed with spectators following the fighting intently.
Heavy weight fighters are getting ready for the final and decisive fights of the day. The pants are tightened, making it harder for the opponent to get a grip, and oil is...
A wrestler on the losing end.
Before each bout, the wrestlers pour olive oil over their entire bodies, and the matches take place in an open, grassy field, with the contestants naked except for trouse...
Kırkpınar is a Turkish oil-wrestling tournament. It is held annually, usually in late June, near Edirne, Turkey since 1346.
A lost fight.
The Kirkpinar Wrestling contests happen in the field known as Sarayici Er Meydan.
Bas gure is the highest category that was held in the last day of the tournament. The two wrestlers who make it to the final match will get the chance to win the Gold. Th...
Cooling down after the match.
Until 1975, there was no time limit to wrestling in Kırkpınar. The pehlivans would wrestle sometimes one, sometimes two days, until they could establish superio...
Massage before fight.
Boys waiting for their fights.
A wrestler on the losing end.
The winner in the heavy category.